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The understanding of hyperactive students in the classroom on the basis of ecological viewpoint: How do hyperactive students adjusted to their class by interacting with teachers and other students?
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2011 Volume 14 Issue 2 Pages 151-165


This study aims to understand the change in behavior of two hyperactive students who commenced primary school, based on their interaction with teachers and other students in the classroom. I observed the participants in their classroom and noticed various aspects of their interaction. Their respective processes of adjustment to the class were similar. First, the principal visited the kindergarten class to obtain information on the two hyperactive students before they commenced primary school, and then assigned class teachers who will be able to adjust for each hyperactive student. Furthermore principal reassigned one teacher to first grade classroom to treat these students. Before the entrance ceremony, each class teacher interacted with the parents of only the two hyperactive students to know the students better. After the orientation, the class teachers asked the other students’ parents to cooperate and adjust for the two hyperactive students. As the class teachers prioritized facilitating the adjustment of the two students and building a healthy rapport with them, they were not compelled to abide by the time schedule or school. Gradually these attempts were required to build limited settings, but this limitation heightened their dependency on their class teachers.

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