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A case study of community area networks through participant observations on activities of Ninjin-Net Kyogikai
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2006 Volume 9 Issue 2 Pages 178-190


In developing community area networks, one of main problems is to make good uses of broadband networks to create and provide community-based infomation for the sake of matching people’s needs. In this study, we examined community area networks run by Ninjin-Net Kyogikai(non-profit organization act for community area networks) at Nagayo town in Nagasaki, based on our participant observations. In its activities, they considered that one of the most important things was to manage the community information system by themselves. Therefore, they independently developed the community information system using techniques of wireless LAN(IEEE.802.11b), and they run the independent community area networks covering the whole area of Nagayo town. They provided not only internet services to their members but also a large variety of community-based information on their web pages to Nagayo town people. Their goals were to encourage people to communicate each other through their community area networks and to get involved in the community development activities and community events. They still tried to provide more valuable community-based information by getting along with non profit organizations in other areas.

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