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The masonry and stone wholesale in Early modern Osaka
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2019 Volume 17 Pages 41-63


Masonry was working to Early modern Osaka. Amagishi and Kitarokakushujin made a sketch of the address of masonry. In this paper, based on the statement of accounts of the Osaka guidance, such as the “Naniwamaru” and the “Naniwamarukoumoku”, it is clarified whereabouts not only masonry but the wholesaler of stone, and the distribution map is created. And it is examined the distribution tendency of modern Osaka’s stone industry. This paper clarified the following thing. The dump of a stone being located in the estuary of Aji river and Kizu river, and going via canals from there, stone is conveyed to the stone sholesale stores at Matsuya-cho, Nagajhori 10 chome and Gonemoncho, Nishiyokobori. And the stone were brought to masonry surrounding Higashiyokobori, Nagahori, Nishiyokobori and Sumiyamachi. It was shown that a copper refinery and stone industry are near. The shipping service is very suitable to the copper refinery and stone industry. Many stone wholesale stores appear about the middle of the 18th century, and masonry also increases according to it. Under these circumstances, it is thought that the masonry representing Osaka were born as Kojimaya Hanbei and Mikageya Shinzamuro, whose works spread to all over Japan.

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