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Research Note
  • Nobuo Takahashi
    Type: research-article
    2020 Volume 19 Issue 5 Pages 139-157
    Published: October 25, 2020
    Released: October 25, 2020

    This paper is based on annual questionnaire data from a complete survey of over 1,000 employees of Japanese Company X for 12 years from FY2004 to FY2015. Since the causal relationship appears only when the organization is greatly shaken and many variables fluctuate, long term fixed-point observations reveal that the perspective index is correlated with job satisfaction and that they are linked in time series. However, observations also reveal that the correlation between self-determination and job satisfaction is spurious and that they are not linked in time series. In addition, the president of Company X made site visits to the company's branches and created opportunities for dialog with employees, which improved the perspective index, but it was confirmed that the perspective index decreased as soon as the president changed and stopped site visits. Furthermore, there is a generation in which people with relatively low perspective indexes gathered regardless of years of service, and the cohort effect is also confirmed.

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