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  • Takeshi Odajima, Minoko Takanashi, Hiroki Sugimori, Masahiro Takigawa, ...
    2020 Volume 66 Issue 5 Pages 671-679
    Published: October 05, 2020
    Released: October 28, 2020

    To promote effective donor recruitment at the Japanese Red Cross Blood Services, we conducted a retrospective analysis to understand factors influencing the return of first-time blood donors. First-time donors over a 1-year period were followed up for 2 years. Features such as age, body weight and hemoglobin (Hb) level were obtained from the Donor Management System and statistically analyzed according to whether or not donors returned to make another blood donation.

    Among data obtained for 473,758 first-time donors the return rate was 35.4% (167,805/473,758). In univariate analysis including all donors, factors significantly associated with return donation were male gender, age < 24 years, body weight > 60 kg, 200 ml whole blood collection (200 WB) and Hb > 14.7 g/dl. Among male donors, age < 24 years, body weight > 65 kg, 200 WB and Hb < 15.4 g/dl were significantly associated with returning. Similar results were obtained by multivariate analysis. Among female donors, age < 23 years, body weight > 53 kg, 200 WB, and Hb > 13.4 g/dl were significantly associated with returning in both univariate and multivariate analyses. On subgroup analysis of 169,463 donors aged < 22 years with of "student", female gender, age < 18 years, body weight > 58 kg, and 200 WB were significantly associated with returning.

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