The Journal of Information Science and Technology Association
We introduce the featuring topics of new technologies related to information science, information technology, and information management as review articles. We also publish serializations or lectures related to searcher's practical affairs (e.g. how to search necessary information, comparing databases) and translated papers, book reviews, forum reports for providing free remarks of each member. It is also a place to present original papers on the theory and applications of information science technology and its peripheral fields. We make the articles open access after 6 months of embargo
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(updated on December 25, 2020)
Online ISSN : 2189-8278
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ISSN-L : 0913-3801
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Volume 69 (2019) Issue 12 Pages 550-551
INFOPRO2019 Symposium program Read more
Volume 67 (2017) Issue 7 Pages 377-382
Product Development Proposal Based on the New Issue Extraction Methodology - The Elderly as a Theme Read more
Volume 70 (2020) Issue 3 Pages 161-162
Book Review(2) Read more
Volume 69 (2019) Issue 8 Pages 397-398
37th INFOMATES report Read more
Volume 69 (2019) Issue 1 Pages 53-55
Greeting by INFOSTA Directors Read more
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