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Current Status and Challenges of Interprofessional Education (IPE) as a Psychological Work:
Original Article
  • Tingting An, Satoru Nagai
    2019 Volume 23 Issue 1 Pages 34-51
    Published: September 30, 2019
    Released: September 30, 2020

    This research investigates distinctions between Japanese students and Chinese international students regarding their help-seeking processes and the factors that affect their decisions toward help-seeking. Prior research shows that Chinese students are reluctant to seek help for mental health problems; however, there has not been an investigation into the factors affecting help-seeking. In this study, both Japanese and Chinese students were presented with scenarios depicting depression and asked about their recognition of the severity of the symptoms and their help-seeking behaviors. Questionnaires also included the SDS (Self-rating Depression Scale), mental health literacy scale, and the social support scale. The results showed that low SDS scores and high levels of social support had a positive effect on both Japanese and Chinese students’ help-seeking. However, for Chinese students, family support and life events factor influenced the most steps of the decision making toward help-seeking, while for Japanese students, different factors influenced different steps of their decision making about help-seeking. Overall, this research showed the necessity of examining the difference between Chinese international students and Japanese students with consideration of the differences; this being despite the common view that they both are associated under the umbrella of Asian culture.

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