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Here you can acquire many kinds of content with more details about J-STAGE.

New Titles which are temporarily free-access during the COVID-19 pandemic
Some publishers have been temporarily offering free access to their articles to support research and education during the COVID-19 pandemic.
J-STAGE SDGs Library
This library has articles from J-STAGE containing the key phrase "Sustainable Development Goals".
For more information -> JIPSTI "J-STAGE SDGs Library " now available ?i?O???T?C?g?j(external link)
Journal@rchive STORIES
The "Journal@rchive " project entails electronically archiving older, historically important paper-based Japanese journals and we archived 664 journals in 2002-2009. The Journal@rchive website is now integrated with J-STAGE, and you can browse all the publications on this platform. At "Journal@rchive STORIES ", you can also read columns which have been published on the Journal@rchive website by clicking the above link.
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