3rd joint seminar of JST and STM
The Transformation in scholarly publishing: Research Data

Tuesday, 27 October 2020; this will be a VIRTUAL event.
Simultaneous translation will be provided.

The Japan chapter of the International Association of Scientific, Technical and Medical Publishers (STM) and the Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST) will be holding a joint seminar (virtual) on October 27th, 2020. The seminar will explore a variety of topics around research data, bringing together funders, academics, governments representations and those with an interest in scholarly publishing.

Sharing data is one of the most fundamental aspects of maintaining the integrity of research. STM have declared 2020 the 'STM Research Data Year' as there is an increasing need to ensure the availability, discoverability and re-usability of research data for all stakeholders working across scholarly communications. J-STAGE, an electronic journal platform operated by JST, has also focused on "Research Data", and conducts several seminars in 2020 to boost effective sharing of research data for chiefly Japanese academic editorial boards and editors.

The early part of the session, hosted by JST, will introduce the trend of global initiatives to promote sharing, linking and citation of research data, and consideration of this through taking part in a journal. This session will focus on how the scholarly communication is expected to change and how it affects the journals' workflow.
The latter half of the session, hosted by STM, will be focused on research data for which the FAIR (Findable, Accessible, Interoperable and Re-usable) principles have been broadly agreed by many stakeholders. The session will cover issues such as increasing the sharing, linking and citing of research data in scholarly research; technological trends in research data sharing; and the researcher’s view of the challenges and benefits of sharing research data, particularly as relates to the rapid increase in research on the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.


○Session 1 (organized by JST) 4:30-6 AM BST, 5:30-7 AM CET, 1:30-3 PM JST

13:30~13:35 Welcome and opening remarks by the Chair of the JST Chapter
13:35~14:05 “Open science and the PID Graph”
Mr. Matthew Buys (Executive Director of DataCite)
14:05~14:35 “A chemistry perspective on research data”
Mr. Richard Kidd (Royal Society of Chemistry)
14:35~15:00 Break

○Session 2 (organized by STM) 6-9 AM GMT, 7-10 AM CET, 3-6 PM JST

15:00~15:05 Welcome and opening remarks by the Chair of the STM Japan Chapter
15:05~16:00 “Trends in the International STM Publishing Industry and the importance of Research Data”
Mr. Ian Moss (STM Chief Executive Officer)
16:00~17:00 “STM Tech Trends 2024: Focus on the User – Connect the Dots.”
Ms. Eefke Smit (STM Director, Standards and Technology)
17:00~17:55 “Creating the Engine for Scientific Discovery: Nobel Turing Challenge as a grand challenge project in AI and broader science and technology fields”
Dr. Hiroaki Kitano (Sony Computer Science Laboratories, Inc. President and CEO)
17:55~18:00 Closing remarks

*Simultaneous translation will be provided.
*Please be aware that seminar content, start and finish time are subject to change.

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